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How can we encourage youth to get into trades?

With a high demand in trade jobs, and youth wondering what their next steps will be after high school, WorkBC came out with an online tool to help them find their fit. There is a common misconception that working in the trades means working as a carpenter or a welder. We were able to showcase the breadth of opportunities available right here in beautiful British Columbia by targeting websites that young adults frequent, creating promotional video, and using cinemagraphs on social media.
Cinemagraph Creation | Video Editing | Design |
Done while at Saint Bernadine

Work BC Webpage Skin Takeover
This is a 30 second spot that I edited for the campaign.
Joy Promotional Video

Joy Promotional Video

Play Video
Cinemagraphs are magical photographs that feel like they've come to life.
Think Harry Potter.
Work BC Facebook Ad Cinemagraph
Making cinemagraphs is such a pleasure of mine so working on this campaign was a dream.
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