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My Recent Projects


With a high demand in trade jobs, and youth wondering what their next steps will be after high school, WorkBC came out with an online tool to help them find their fit. There is a common misconception that working in the trades means working as a carpenter or a welder. We were able to showcase the breadth of opportunities available right here in beautiful British Columbia by targeting websites that young adults frequent, creating promotional video, and using cinemagraphs on social media.

Granville Island is a quirky place that already attracts tourists from all over the world. With so many products sold by people who care a lot about what they do and how they do it, the opportunity to draw locals in almost presented itself. Showcasing their wonderful products in a visually exciting way as well as the knowledge and experience behind them resulted in a 5% increase in overall sales year after year.

In-store TV Mockup_Optimized.gif

Every year, West Coast Flying Trapeze hosts a fundraiser performance to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Using interesting photographs to capture the night in their marketing, they drew in even more people to the show the following year. I aimed to capture the mystique of the night using intimate angles and vulnerable moments.

De Dutch is an incredible breakfast and lunch restaurant that can make all of your wildest pancake dreams come true. Well, actually all of your wildest "pannekoek" dreams. This brand had such a rich history that I felt could be showcased in a refreshed way that felt approachable and modern in order to capture a new generation of pannekoek lovers.


Travel Smart is a program within Translink that looks at travel solutions unique to Vancouverites. The Active and Safe Route's to School Toolkit was developed to help schools encourage more active (walking, biking, etc.) trips to school. Even though the toolkit was primarily aimed at parents, using friendly and easy to understand graphics that also appealed to students encouraged anyone in the community to implement the toolkit.

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