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Granville Island Public Market

How can we attract locals to Granville Island?

Granville Island is a quirky place that already attracts tourists from all over the world. With so many products sold by people who care a lot about what they do and how they do it, the opportunity to draw locals in almost presented itself. Showcasing their wonderful products in a visually exciting way as well as the knowledge and experience behind them resulted in a 5% increase in overall sales year after year.
Photo Manipulation | Digital Art | Design |
Done while at Saint Bernadine

Here's a sneak peek at what goes into making one of these.
Watermelon Bus

Watermelon Bus

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One day, while riding my bright red scooter, I was stuck in traffic behind the Ice Cream Bus and I wasn't even mad.
Granville Island Ice Cream Bus Wrap
Granville Island Ice Cream Bus Wrap Process Work
Vegetarian? Look away.
Granville Island Sausage Balloon Process Work
Granville Island Sausage Balloon Bus King Advertisement
Lactose intolerant?
Proceed with caution.
Granville Island Cheese Thermostat Bus King Advertisement
Granville Island Cheese Thermostat Process Work
Growing up Jewish and then creating artwork for a bacon bag was ironic.
I still haven't told my parents.
Granville Island Bacon Reusable Bag
Granville Island Peach Reusable Bag
Granville Island Succulent Reusable Bag
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